I have learned something important about a creative work: complex is easy, but simple is difficult. "Eventually" has a simplicity that I admire. So does "Yesterday" or "Imagine" or "Hello, It's Me" ...simple songs, but can you write their match? Try it tonight! Not so easy.

Airun makes good points, but I would have to say that his suggested lyrics, although more imaginative, were also less universal, and a tad mean-spirited...I think they were pretty quickly and easily whipped onto paper. But they don't really work except for shock value, and the deeper meaning behind them? Well, it's someone ragging on someone else, saying 'Screw You' in a clever new way.

"Eventually" may not be breaking new lyrical ground, but it's a good listen with lyrics that match the mood and say what they mean. All alone on paper they may not stir, but they do their job to support the atmosphere, meaning and structure of the song. So they work, I think. If lyrics were the sole most important part of a song...than they would just be poems set to background music. But lyrics are just part of the whole musical piece, and Ande's lyrics do the job.

The song's the thing.