Hey Mike

I'm with ya on the clown doctors lol.

Also with you on Brad. I think sometimes people get so noticed in the public eye that they try to do something lame just to see what people will think. For an example find me more than two good songs on the Magical Mystery Tour Album (I mean classic timeless songs) The Beatles as great as they were made huge errors in their careers (Both together and seperately) All you have to do is take George's classic "Something" (Which even though a Beatle song he kinda wrote it on his own) And compare it to Ringo's Solo HIT? "You know it don't come easy" or even one of George's Others such as "If you want it here it is come and get it" Which by the way was considered to be a pretty good song.

I Guess what I am getting at here is sometimes you get so big you try for mediocrity because you can't live up to the legend. That's why people as dynamic as Kurt Cobain couldn't handle continuing to live cause it was a constant struggle to try to keep doing something real and original. One interesting piece of that is after his Death a bandmate started up a band called foo fighters. At first I really liked what he was doing kinda pop rock catchy stuff with half way decent lyrics. Didn't even hurt that he did a cover of Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street. Now every new track they do is the same ole thing. I can't listen to them anymore not even the stuff I once liked because it's just too cookie cutter.

My but I do ramble lol. At any rate I don't think Brad is as bad as all that but we must remember even elvis didn't get it right everytime Vegas? Jump Suit? 70s gaudiness? Elvis? yikes lol. And yet even to this day that's how the king is remembered.
Hope things go well at the doctors!

Edit ok I did see that Magical Mystery Tour has more than two memorable cuts however both penny lane and Strawberry fields forever where sposed to be on Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band lol. That leaves Hello Goodbye and all you need is love lol

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