Thanks for your in-depth background story of your beginnings. I really loved reading through it. This is a great post and it will serve a lot of people who come across it. Like all your post, I am getting a wealth of good advise here that will serve me well.
This is a great example of the mindset one needs to press forward.

The great thing about music, is that you never know where your song will end up, and it sounds like you have had lots of success' to your credit, and the great thing is that you're not done yet.
Being a part of someone else's journey and success is it's own reward.
This attitude will help a lot of us get out of our way.

The art of reinvention is key! If we are able to do this well, it will take us a long way on our journey.
Sounds like you are still as excited and motivated from the day you moved to Nashville to now, and that's a great victory. I hope to stay as inspired as I am now. Great post, lots to go back over and take in.
Again, thanks for your willingness to share parts of your journey.-Dana

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