Hi Guys,
As Nigel said it's better to talk about writing in general, rather than picking on one particular person, who has done nothing wrong.

Let's all remember that there is a big gap in the quality
of songs posted here , from what the pros' are writing.

There are one or two very good story tellers, but their work needs condensing.

Even top writers right bummers now and then, ever bought a Kris Kristoffersen Song Album.
When he was good he was very very good, but when he was bad.

Somebody pointed out a song by Keith Urban, the lyric looked less than ordinary, but the music compensated for it, that's the business.

If the Brad Paisley song made money, someone is doing something
Some songs get there by the music others make it because they have great lyrics, a few get buy because the public like his or her voice.

Dianne Warren writes in many genres, and I think most would agree is an outstanding composer lyricist.

Yes there are a few little publishers? that will sign up anything
I believe I know most of these, through my work.

Their submissions are binned by any legitimate A n R office or Legitimate Publisher,or Artist.

Keep up the constructive comments chaps, remember we are all a long time dead.

Dont let's get too personal with each other, we all right crap now and then, but crap is a great fertiliser, and it can lead to some beauty's.

Matt Stoneham

Without the right music your clever lyrics will never be heard, if you want success be prepared to re write many times and even change the meter you chose originally