It's good and all for you that the song is getting good attention
That should not be your argument though

I wish everybody would look at this as just a lyric
Just forget all of the music and good singing
Maybe look away from all of the good reviews you've been getting

Send It out for a review to a song critique from a professional
Or a music website and see what they say about the lyric

Like I previously mentioned there is nothing NEW in this lyric
You even use some weird wording to try and fit in a rhyme
Does anyone talk like that anymore, are they the average person?

You said you felt for me
A love that would always be

A bridge that doesn't move the story / says what the chorus does

And all the verses lack any real originality

It's mediocrity at best and people still really like It
Honestly I'd be embarrassed to have my name beside that song
But you must be doing something right

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