Most music has always been a homogonized version of many things. Jimmie Rodgers was a cross breed of Traditonal folk music and African gospel and blues music. Elvis was a cross breed of Black blues music and rockabilly. The Beatles were an amalgamation of Skiffle, English folk music and American R&B. All music have been a crossbreed of different styles. Now it is many many types of music. And believe it or not, Ray, I agree with you on a lot of what you say. There is much that I don't care for today. It is beyond my interest. And yours. Our eras are different ones, and the "mainstream" moved past us. This is normal.

But as it is being said on one of the other threads here there is a lot of music of all kinds being done out there. Even the major labels release a lot of things, most just don't gain traction. That has to do with the public, not any "Big wigs." Our entire culture are cross breeds of many things. Look at the current crop of Hollywood movies. Half of them are reboots from old series like Star Wars, some from Comic books like Marvel and DC, there are remakes and reboots with their own type of spin. Same with television, Netflix, streaming, etc.
There is a LOT of stuff out there. A friend of mine ,Scott Southworth, is very much a traditional artist, and is doing very well in Europe. So just because we don't hear it on "mainstream" radio, or at our own fingers, it doesn't mean its not out there.