Ok, I'm taking a chance here on losing the respect of lots of JPF readers and participants :>0. I think Check You For Ticks is very well written. Do you 'like' the song? No, and that's totally cool. But are you saying the song isn't well crafted or are you saying that song just flat out shouldn't have been written because it's such a bad idea. If you are saying the former, I'm interestefd to know what it is about it that is poorly written. Your wife's reaction "You've got to be kidding" when she heard the hook speaks louder to the issue that the concept was the bone of contempt. But if we applied the standards we use to critique ourselves as songwriters I'd be very surprised if we'd come away in unnanimous agreement that it doesn't measure up from a song craftsmenship perspective. Of course it's all subjective...or is it. I think "I hate that song because of what it is, what it says, and what attitude it portrays" often gets confused with "That song is just poorly written." Anyone agree? Those who don't, what is it about the song specifically that says 'bad writing' to you? I'm just curious, truly not trying to be argumentative. The thing that I was so impressed with on that one was that he had the guts to tackle it and did without looking like a complete idiot. But others obviously thought he DID look like a complete idiot so what do I know.

Musically I think it's very strong, both melodically and conceptually (chord structure, progression, arrangement) although you might beg to differ on that and I fully respect your opinion if you do. But what about it from a strictly songwriting craft to you take issue with? I'm not married to it either way so I won't fight you...at worst I'll disagree.

I think this kind of stuff is what these boards are all about...discussing, agreeing, and disagreeing on what defines a bad song, a good song, and a great song. I wonder if we'll ever really know. If we don't I do believe we'll become a tiny bit better as writers for having discussed it. But again...what do I know. :>)