I think a lot of it has to do with attitude and schtick, for however unmusical one musician or another may seem to whoever.
Getting into mostly angst driven rock in my youth, it is the guy that says if told they suck that the other guy sucks more, and point out anything at all in their songs that I see as a weakness that get more attention.
The humble that admits their weaknesses sadly are not going to be considered one of the big boys or in the chin stokers column in the given group.
To market something, I would have to do a product and have all belief in it regardless of what everyone else thinks.
There are people that have the audacity to market recordings I would never think of marketing.
But maybe it works for their act.
90% of the population dislikes even the biggest musicians.

But if I was'nt out for critique purposes, I would'nt be as humble.
The difference between now and then though is I would'nt feel the need to tell someone else they sucked.

I don't know if simply judging the music or lyrics is enough.
You could look up members pro or not that have been to different music sites and find total contrary opinions to the same recordings.
Maybe much of the good responses are not from pros or some artsy fartsy magazine publication.
But who are we supposed to be marketing to, anyway?

I have a vision of what I want to do musically.
It may be even more far off than what the pros would do.
I used to get in the defensive with any unfavorable response there was with what I would do.
Until I discovered that I am taking something I started out with for a love of doing and turning it into a pissing contest.

Yeah, in a way it is like men with women.
Down to the agressive attitude commonplace with posing musicians.
Hopefully we can draw strength from our little ticks.