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I edited that post and poof it's gone from this thread

Like I've written before, it's a song I cowrote back in 2000, there's 2 other writers on it. We're unlikely rewrite it at this point.

thanks for your comments, Good luck with your music,
From what I've seen you're prolific as ever.


Originally Posted by couchgrouch

Ande, please don't pull my posts from other sites into a discussion of yours unless I'm already part of it. Marc's little love song is no Yesterday. Yesterday has an almost classical melody and a beautiful title and lyric.

I think it's a mistake for a lyricist to settle for simplistic cliches and when someone calls attention to it, they say "look! Michelle has a simple lyric, too!" that's forgetting everything else that went into Michelle and songs like it.

I think it's also a mistake for a lyricist who can afford expensive demos to settle for simplistic cliches knowing their glossy demo will cover them up for less discerning listeners. That's taking a short term view of music. eventually that guy's gonna have to put his cards on the table and come up with some decent lines.

the fact is...writers write WHAT THEY CAN.
a guy that can pen strong lines and hooks will, just like a guitarist who can really play won't overuse the same old blues changes.

There will always be an audience for treacly love songs with nice production. There will always be an audience for soaps about doctors who bone nurses in the broom closet. just because you can say there's a market for something doesn't make it any good. McD's is the busiest restaurant in town but I wouldn't take my wife there for our anniversary.

here's the best lyric writing tip there is...
don't be boring.

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