Rough drafts in most cases definately need to be refined.
I have done a few retakes of the several recordings I have up and intend on doing a few more retakes.
But there are some recordings that actually seem to be killed and would be better off left the way it is.
I feel very atmospheric when I record.
Everything is for the moment.
That does'nt mean that that moment can't be exchanged for even a better one.
I wonder how many here may have thought that their rough draft was better?

There are probably more than a few one take artists on the net.

I usually know if I have a song idea that is more workable right from the onset.
I like to do retakes and take advice so I can make what I do more of a shared thing than just my thing.
That makes the compromising worth it and can make a song better.
Thank God for forums for me to do that.
It is easy to get stuck in a rut without as much immediate information on a given work.
I want to do the impossible and get it straight upon that first draft.
I have even considered music school.

But if I had to refine a song to the point to where it is a shell of it's former self, I always have to do a gut check if my heart is really in that.
Feeling inspired is of upmost impotance to me.
It may not give me praise or sell me, but any musical tip out there can not teach inspiration.