As a post to Bill Rocker, the original message I was trying to get across was as so:

Ande has his own newsletter full of songwriting tips/advice
So I joined up and thought it would be cool
So then I did further research and then read the lyrics to some of his songs, and I got angry, the rhymes were weak and simple
And even though he's just trying to help, I felt ripped off

Like that seinfeld episode where Jerry buys a racket and he sees this guy whos supposed to be good using the racket (who also sold the same racket to Jerry), and he is not very good at it
Obviously Jerry felt he got used and ripped off like I did

He was not even following his own advice that he writes in his newsletter, which ticked me off as well
That is just me though, I could find the same advice on other websites also so the advice, which was copied, is still good
It is the concept, so that is what the whole ruckus was about
Should I have been less subtle, probably, sorry
I don't think I'll get lost but thanks for the invitation
I do not owe you any other response besides that

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