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Human nature.

Folks complain that Nashville doesn't take risks. Then someone takes a big one, is wildly successful at it, and...folks complain.

THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!! This says it all.

One more round on 'Check You for Ticks"...that someone said, and I paraphrase, "I think it's well written, but I think the concept is bad", makes my day. This is a songwriting forum and I get frustrated here because it seems more often than when people talk about a 'bad song' they aren't referring to a 'poorly written song'. This distinction, between 'a song I don't like', and 'a poorly written song' is crucial in my humble opinion.

I think not liking the song is not a problem...but on this one more country fans did than didn't as evidenced by it's chart successs (and please don't start with the unfair record company marketing influence crap...even if got a jump start, it had legs of it's own). What I believe made this song a hit is that it accomplished the ultimate goal that we as writers are trying to accomplish. It said something that everyone already knows, but in a new, fresh, and highy entertaining way. Checking for Ticks is restating the idea that no guy is ever at a los for thinking up new ways to try to get women to take their clothes off. The mind is always working...always thinking...always scheming...and of course, rarely succeeding...which is what makes it SO DAMN FUNNY!!!! The desperation at work in what formulates what a guy thinks of as a 'good idea' when it comes to the art of seduction, is nothing short of hilarious! What stuns me is that people commented on this as him actually being SERIOUS in his ploy to see her naked. The girls point of view is clear without ever being said: "Check me for ticks??? What, are you KIDDING ME??! (slap) Do you think the girl said "Hey, that sounds like a great idea!!!" Of course not! She rolled her eyes and found another seat at the bar...but you better believe she was awestruck by the ingenuity, charmed by the tongue in cheek shoot from the hip confidence that comes with the 'I'll try anything because you're beautiful' and I know I can get away with it without you thinking I'm some kind of perv 'cuz I'm just that cool' twinkle in his eye. She's a girl who's more than just a little bit flattered. Girls WANT guys to WANT them to take off their clothes, even if they don't want to take off their clothes. This affirms that whole age old thang in flying colors. It makes girls feel good, makes guys look funny and not so clever as they think they are, yet very male (can you say 'unflappable virility'? ugh...sorry)

Love it, hate it, no problem here. But it's a damn good 'song' in accomplishing what a good song is supposed to accomplish. Well crafted. And of all the songs that came out that week on records, THIS one became a hit! What are the chances??? ;>)