Hi everyone! Im a Paris (France)-based songwriter. I truly consider myself first and foremost a story-teller when I take a pen in my right hand and start laying down what comes to mind: an emotion, a thought or a wish. While I have fun developing my craft and honeying what it comes from within, it is always somehow striking how strong and powerful these words are when they are put together!
Though Im a lyricist, I think the melody comes first! You better have something nice to enjoy on the table if you dont want to be hungry forever! But nice colors and framing also help in being thankful for what you are presented with.
I mostly find inspiration in the study of the artistry blissfully given by the greatest: Michael Jackson. There arent enough superlatives to describe what he has accomplished and his legacy still lives on (even if there are always people who want to get their piece of the pie, anyway!)
Do you want to please and entertain me? Play me some funky guitars, syncopated electro rhythms, bring in a singer with top-notch vocals, catchy gimmicks and add a few strong lines in the lyrics!
I dont want to be flown to the moon, I would like to share unprecedented moments of joy while discussing how we could bring this or that tune to the next level!