Hi everyone,

Long time lurker / plain folk here. I've read almost every thread back to back and have massive admiration for those here. I write, co-write, mix, produce and record. Right now, I run another unrelated business because it pays the bills, but the thought never leaves my mind if I should be taking bigger plunges in the sea of the music industry. No risk, no reward, right? As most of you, it started out for fun in my youth then morphed into dreams of grandeur. So I put the cart before the horse and invested a serious amount of investment into the business end of it - almost regrettable amounts. I learned a lot but setting the bar so very high for so many years took the joy out of it, and I'm trying to repair my relationship with the music again: literally not focusing on business, connections, or networking anymore and just sitting in my studio writing and producing songs in solace for now. Egos, drama and physical losses over the past two decades has burnt me out. Lawsuits to protect your property are no fun. I've been there and though I've come out on top, it was always a grueling process - leaving me more paranoid of the industry, each time. I've been drifting ever since and not sure if I'm throwing in the towel, but I'm close.

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