The problem with using aliases is that no one really gets to know who you are. You will find this a very warm neighborhood with people more than willing to help and get to know you personally past just the music. That is actually the key to music, getting to know your audience personally and having them know you.

Today's successful writers and artists, are the one's who have a very tight connection to their audiences. The one's who are live performers have a knack for grabbing their listeners and not letting them go. That comes through a very direct approach both through the music itself and then the social networking, as well as the live abilities.

You will find people here are more willing to listen to music when you listen to theirs. And understand that this site is more of a networking neighborhood than a place to actually sell music. Everyone here are salesmen too. It is more for sharing of information, song critiques, and experiences. Everyone has been through something someone else hasn't so it can get invaluable in order to keep from making sometimes costly mistakes.

But almost everyone has some suggestions or experiences with the various methods of "getting songs out there." My personal one revolves around being involved in your local communities, attending shows, writer's events, supporting other writers. constantly meeting people face to face and expanding from there. Many others choose a more online route and things like Reverb Nation, Taxi, CD Baby, film and television libraries, each with varying degrees of success or frustration.

But in order to get friends you have to be one first. I think visiting some other people's web sites, dropping personal asides, learning a bit about other people, their experiences, etc. may give you more of an insight to what goes on here.

We are always around to help you. Just ask away.