HI All,

I haven't been around here much in a while as having a kid somehow made most of my free time evaporate. And when I was here before I was more of a reader than a poster. So just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm 36 live in Md and play bass in an instrumental improv group called Deep Tree Mantra. I also play guitar and do singer songwriter type stuff on that. Played at one o fthe road trip events a few years back which was a lot of fun. But with limited time as a family guy that has really been back burner-ed and the DTM group has become my primary focus for the past few years.

We do not really gig much and it's primarily a creative recording project. We do think a lot of our music would lend itself well to film and tv use.

We're also always open to have other musicians sit in with us for sessions. So anyone who is in the Baltimore area or who happens to be passing through that would like to sit in on a recording / jam session with us feel free to reach out. We would especially love to have a string player - violin, cello or similar come sit in with us.

Lot's of free streaming tracks on our site here www.deeptreemantra.com. Though all the tracks on the site currently feature our previous guitarist. Some new tracks with our more current guitarist will be posted.... at some point smile

Anyway enough about me. Looking forward to getting to know some of you better.

John Hornsby

DTM = Ambient Jazz Fusion [url]http://www.deeptreemantra.com [/url]