Hi everybody. I'm a new member here as of yesterday and I've already found plenty here to dig into. Everyone seems so sincere and there is a great comradery. I've been much too secluded as a songwriter. I started writing songs before I could actually write on paper. I used to just memorize the lyrics and melodies. Then I learned to write and started indexing them, then eventually typing them. Now 32, my once dreams of rock-stardom are far removed from what I want from life now.

I've gigged as a professional musician mostly in a GB band but have slowed it down because my heart isn't there. Got engaged to my guitarist and we've set up a home studio in rural Maine. We released one original album with a band and the group broke up before the release.

I'm a psychologist and a freelance writer. I write in many genres and have a lot of material that I've been keeping to myself. I had a recent health-scare that made me realize I should be doing what I love and putting my music out into the world rather than sitting on it. I'm interested in any avenue through which I can move songs and people. I've already come across friendly and wise folks on this site and some very helpful information. Not to mention some amazing songs I almost certainly wouldn't have had the pleasure of hearing elsewhere.

Looking forward to taking part.

Here is a no-budget music video I made. The track could be remastered.