Hi DMK! Good luck with your music. Nashville is just SO AWESOME! There are lots of folks hanging out here who live there and can help advise you. As far as the fellowship, you won't run across a better bunch of folks! smile

Sandy, welcome and you're in good company! Lots of lyricists looking to collaborate, and some musicians here if they like your lyrics will be willing to put music to it. Lots of talent and support here! smile

Steve, WB! Good to have you here! smile

Gary, hope you find some folks to collab with! Good luck with your musical endeavors and IMO, take some time to make friends in the meantime...it'll lead to contacts. smile

John, welcome! Kevin Pearson is a familiar name. I'm sure I've heard at least a couple of his songs. Our MP3 boards are pretty busy! Nice to have you here and good luck with your music! smile

You're supposed to be grooving as hard as you can, all of the time. - Stephen Gaskin