HI Joe,

Welcome to JPF. I am curious what "courses" you paid for? Did they help you? What are your goals? I think we can likely help you and it is all free!

Jump in on the boards and post some songs if you'd like to get feedback.


My goals are to be able to better express myself through my songs, to connect with people, maybe be able to help another person through the songs, feel like I am making some sort of positive contribution to the world, and maybe build enough of a community that playing in public is worthwhile. I don't think that the courses were unhelpful or helpful, I know that's kind of a cop out but for me trying to learn from a video, with no way to really ask questions, is not the best way I learn.
I am intrigued by this community and sad that I didn't know of it until yesterday.
Thanks for taking the time to respond and for developing this place.