hello JP folks,

My name is Kelly. I have been lurking on here for a couple weeks or so. I am a 44 y/o male that has been playing guitar for 27 years or so and i have taught in the past off and on..and am starting to teach again..Im from the state of Texas (Dallas area) now, but am from the coast originally, south of Houston

i love the diversity of the guitar and i love guitar instrumentals (mainly rock, as well as acoustic instrumentals)

i own probably around ten guitars. im not what you woul dcall a collector, but if i like the sound and feel and playability of one guitar i will more than likely buy it.

Some of the ones i mainy play are :

1991 Ibanez RG770
1990 Ibanez RG570
1987 Ibanez RG550
1977 Aria 12 string acoustic Model 6814
???? Ibanez AE 12 string acoustic
???? Ovation Applause AE148
???? Ovation Celebrity CC026
???? My first electric a Lotus Strat copy
???? Ibanez RX20....future mod project

self built pedalboard w/ 99% Boss pedals for my effects

anyway. the guitar is one intriguing instrument

im a schooled machinist (currently unemployed)so i have plenty of time to work on my music, but need some more money coming in..LOL

also own my own small computer repair business

i guess that is about it....feel free to flood me with questions, comments and finger signs, LOL

I hope to learn more here myself also

Thanks, Kelly