Howdy everyone. Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to using this network again. I had great success meeting and networking with folks all over the map several years ago when I was a busy songwriter. I've been out for a while but I'm back to stay and pick up where I left off. I posted the following on the songwriter section. Thanks. Rich Murray

" I know a handful of jpf members, but I've been away from the writing side of the business for a few years. Just a few "life happens" things that trumped quality writing time, studio time, promotional efforts, etc. Anyway, I'm happy to say I'm in a good place now as far as writing and promotion goes. I've never posted anything online, but I have a couple co-writers that posted here and there. I just got on sound cloud tonight. I posted the 1st song I ever wrote. Details are on the page : I'm going to make an Americana style album later this year, but as always I'm seeking to get things cut by other artists. A little info about me here: Mostly want to focus on new country and Americana stuff right now. Respectfully, Rich Murray I prefer e-mail for co-write discussion, "