I am most recently from Pueblo, Colorado. I was active in JPF for a number of years until my day job got extremely busy, i.e., business/technical/instructional writer/editor for the home office of a corporation. Now I am semi-retired. My main interest is writing country western songs. I also write novels, short stories, and poetry. On Soundcloud, I have posted vocal/guitar recordings for over 50 songs, most country, a few folk (or singer/songwriter). The songs are organized by playlists.


I have three goals. First, I would like to have a co-writer relationship to work on several songs. I am not a performing singer or guitar player though I have been working to improve in those two areas. I consider my strength to be writing lyrics. I can also compose the basic music, i.e., suggested melody and chord progressions. I can provide a vocal/guitar MP3 to give a good idea of the melody along with a Word document with the lyrics and chords. I would like the co-writer to be a performing singer/musician who can produce a professional quality recording of our songs. (The co-writer can also be songwriter. Suggestions for improving the lyrics, melody, and chords are welcome.)

Second, I would like to make our songs available on CDs.

Third, I would like to find an effective platform for making the CDs available, e.g., CDBaby or Amazon.

The co-writer and I would have an equal share of the copyright and any money made from the CDs or individual songs.

Any guidance for accomplishing these goals would be most appreciated.