Hi my name is Kimmie M Sharon and I tripped onto this site looking for something else dare I say checking out Danie Cortese upon request by a band which seems as if no further digging is necessary.

I would like all those out there to know that there is still good people in music and I am one of them or at least I think of myself as one.

I am a ex-pro drummer of 25 years now on the other side of the band stand doing all I can to help musicians and all industry people for that matter for free. I help regardless of genre or location however my strong suit is Rock (Hard/Heavy/Progressive)/Metal (All).

I have read many of the warnings here on this site which is for the most part true... if it seems to good to be true then it is. Beware of anyone wanting money up front those that are legit work on a percentage basis therefore only taking those that they know they can help since their income depends on it.

I am for real and there is no catch what so ever I freely help everyone for free. I can't promise anything but I do get air time, I have great connections and do my best. I am sitting on over 1000 requested reviews on ROADRUNNER that I do not have a lot of time to write.

Please check out my site and contact me if you are interested. I will say I do have a backlog of bands/artists that have already submitted and I am but one person so I will respond but it may take a bit before I can get you on the site however many times I get you on the air before I have time to get you on the site. I mean its a free service for everyone except me it cost me a fortune to run the site and I don't get much sleep but I do love what I do.

OK nice meeting you all & I wish all the artists out there all the best and those that want some visibility and help getting started stop by my site.

Wait one more thing... some may call this a catch however whatever one wants to call it is fine with me but you MUST have talent to get on the site. I do stipulate that on the site on the Submit Here page.

--Kimmie M Sharon