Hi Kimmie,

Welcome to JPF. As someone who gets a LOT of music (we received 42K albums and 560K songs last time we did our music awards and often received 100's of CD's per day in the mail) I suggest waiting until your caught up or close to it before soliciting even more albums from people. Sure, they'll send some to you, but you don't want to promise anything (even for free) and fail to deliver on it or take so long people think it's a trick because it can turn your good faith effort to help folks and turn everyone against you quickly. As someone who works full time for free (and doesn't take a % either) and has done it for 15 years now, this is a topic I know a great deal about.

By the way, I am very happy to have a hard rock/metal grassroots person here that wants to help others. There are not a lot of you types around. Just be sure to not over promise what you can do as 1 person (something I also understand) and be upfront at all times on what you are really offering, when someone can expect you to finish and offer full contact info so they can ask more questions directly or find you if needed. Even with 50K members, I post my full address, email, phone, website, skype, facebook and any other means someone can use to contact me when I offer a program or service to them.

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