Hello! New member from Colorado here. I've been poking around the site for a week or so now; tons of great music and information.

I'm pretty new to this, but from a musical family- Dad still fronts bands and has his whole life. I played drums in several bands when I was younger, but then life got in the way. Came back to music and started learning guitar and harmonica 3 years ago at 41 years old, and my wife and I started performing almost exactly one year ago, mainly in central Colorado, with a couple of gigs in other states. We've hit it hard and done a ton of live shows. I've been writing originals for a little over a year... I'll post some mp3's up in the mp3 forum.

My wife also signed up here as "Bonnie Abbzug"(though her name is Tami :lol) -she was classically trained and at one point wanted to sing opera... now I have her singing hillbilly music. :lol

We'll lurk a bit and get a feel for the place. Thanks!

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