Hello all plain folks out there,
like many members I am sure I have a nurtured an almost life long dream of becoming a real songwriter, that is at least reaching a semi-professional level where more and more of my life will circle around my songwriting.

I became a member a long time ago, but for some reason I didn't become active on the site and this is actually my first post so you could say that I am a new member :-)

I am looking forward to network, learn from and share with all the nice talented people in these forums from now on.

In my late teens I played in a synthpop band, which was close to getting to getting signed with a US major label and the same (still close but no cigar ;-) with a rave/trance duo in the early 90s. In the late 00's at last the project I was part of, Reproject, got signed and released a few tracks and remixes. After that I have produced and remixed on my own under the alias Dewdrops on Mars.

Ever since the early 80s when a music teacher got me into songwriting I have known that it is my true calling and that if I will leave any significant footstep in human history it will probably be as a songwriter. I know I have really good songs within me, waiting to get out there, but I have written very few songs the last years and want to jumpstart my songwriting. I still love to remix and produce tracks, but I want to write full fledged songs and collaborate with talented people to make my dreams and others dreams fly... To write in different genres and different types of songs...

Hope to get to know a lot of people in here.

Although these are trying times, I am a Swede and therefore naturally apt for social distancing and self-isolation ;-) and hope to use the extra time at home to take my songwriting and producing to the next level while interacting virtually with people from different corners of the world.

All the best,
Gustav Persson