Hi, Just Plain Folks community. My name is Deej and Ive been playing guitar off and on since high school. I never much played other folks songs, and got more out of writing my own, but never took it too seriously. After a long-layoff from playing and writing, Ive been getting back into it this last year or so. I really have no sense of whether what I write has appeal or if its any good, but Id like to learn more about the craft of song writing. Ive been perusing this site for a while and it seems like this is a great place to start, get feedback, and improve. You are all very kind and constructive in support of fellow artists.

Disclaimer, despite having played many years (off and on), I dont consider myself a good player or a great performer. But Im impressed by the positivity on this site, and so I thought Id take a chance and post some lyrics, and maybe some audio from time to time.

Im not as technically savvy as many on this board. Just me, a guitar, and recording on Garageband on my Macsad really compared to what a lot of folks can do on this site. But I hope its OK. Aside from a very small circle of friends and family, this is my first public foray. Appreciate in advance your kind insights and advice.