Hi! My name is John Gaudet...new to JPF. Living in St. Petersburg, Fl for the past 14 years, from the Bayou lands of South Louisiana (a bit south of Baton Rouge). Looking to move to Nashville. Presently into my 3rd year as a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International.
I'm a writer and musician, and I've made progress as a vocalist. I'm looking to improve my writing skills, possibly co-write....and heck shoot for the moon! Have up & coming artist and national artist record my songs and exposing myself to the 'world' (no, not that way).
I do my own recording and play all instruments on my recordings except for drums (have problem with my hands....going to specialist today!) and I sing all the notes lead and background.
Right now I can be found.....well here and;


I hope to get some 'plain folks' to hear some of my songs and get some feedback.
Look forward to a grand time.

John Gaudet