Hi everybody!

Haven't been here in a long time so I figured I might reintroduce myself. Don't know why I havn't spent more time here really. These forums seem like one of the few places online where people actually take the time to listen to eachothers music and help eachother out.

Anyhow, I'm an owl made from seashells or so it would seem. I make... Well, that's the tricky part, I don't really know how to describe the kind of music I make. I deliberately try to make music that does not fit into any particular genre; music that transcends description. I listen to all types of music and when I record a song I tend to incorporate elements from many different genres. Thus, a song can end up an amalgam of synthpop, folk-rock and dub-reggae (for example). Right now I'm doing my best to put a live show together using various instruments along with a loopstation I recently bought. Loads of work with that, but hopefully it'll turn out brilliant once I've practiced for about a million years!

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