Well, you've come to the right place with friendly people willing to help you out. All you have to be is polite, friendly, enthusiastic and make sure you give more than you take (like for example offering feedback to 10 other people for each lyric you post yourself asking for feedback for example). You can jump right into the mp3 or lyric feedback boards and tell folks what you think about their work. Try to offer examples of what you are talking about and suggestions on how to improve it or what you like about it. Don't offer false praise but don't be rude either. Just be honest and helpful and you'll find people here (and usually everywhere for that matter) will be only so happy to help you in return. You can also ask me anytime you have a question or post on our Mentor board or the General board any questions or thoughts you have on a topic can be posted anywhere!

Have fun and welcome to JPF!


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