First, welcome. Second, you are on the board right now. Scroll down to where it says Lyric Feedback, Lyric Feedback 2 and Lyric Feedback 3. Click the link, read some example posts (just as you clicked on this one) and perhaps make some comments (in the same way you did above) on your thoughts or critique of those lyrics. It's a matter of give and take. So the more you offer others feedback, the more you will receive as well. Once you see how it works, then click on the top left corner the box that says "New Topic" and it will open a new empty page where you can follow the same format others do by placing the title of your lyric in the subject field and then post your lyric and any other pertinent info you wish and ask for feedback. It's helpful if you give a little background on yourself and what you are looking for (if you want hard core honesty, say so but keep in mind you'll get it), otherwise you'll likely get friendly thoughts or posting of support and a warm welcome as you acclimate and get involved.


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