Welcome Melodeous. I hope you'll consider using your real name or even your first name and last initial so folks can get to know a real person and not just an anonymoux ghost on the web. To change you just change via the display name portion in the My Stuff menu about center. Once you request a change, I can activate it. It's not mandatory, but people have limited time and often prefer to spend it helping real people.

Either way, glad to have you with us.


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
Skype: Brian Austin Whitney
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justplainfolks

"Don't sit around and wait for success to come to you... it doesn't know the way." -Brian Austin Whitney

"It's easier to be the bigger man when you actually are..." -Brian Austin Whitney

"Sometimes all you have to do to inspire humans to greatness is to give them a reason and opportunity to do something great." -Brian Austin Whitney