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Hello JPF people!
Tried to get into this place last year, but I guess there were technical things happening that wouldn't allow new members at the time. But it's 2017 now!

I'm the 'Mike' that Tammy mentioned in her post of her song 'Prey'.

Quick Bio:
Been making music for 45+ years, in the last 6 years released 4 CDs - all available as downloads or CDs at my Bandcamp site and the most recent 2 are also on iTunes and CDBaby. Lots of videos on my youtube channel, too.
Tammy and I co-facilitate a songwriter circle that meets once a month in Amherst, NH.

Welcome, Mike! Yeah, there were "technical things happening".....Those have been fixed:-)


Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

The Shoebox & Dinner at Eight trailers available at: