Hi Lucy:

Sorry I am late... been out of town. Great to know you've discovered JPF. I have no doubt that Brian, our Founder, will respond ASAP. As you may have already observed, there are numerous "forums" about many music topics. If writing is of most interest to you, there are three lyrics forums and after you've scrolled down, found them and sampled each... the decision regarding which one to use is up to you. As far as I know, there are three simply to handle the volume of lyrics we share here.

Eventually, you will discover the MP3 Forum where members post their songs and compositions or instrumentals.

Other than that, you can discover quite a bit from following the "General Forum" where many topics and threads are posted.

Welcome aboard. Dive in, ask questions, post a lyric or simply lurk for a while as you learn how to navigate the site. Don't be shy... we have some great participants here willing to provide assistance.

Regards, ----Dave