Pam: Hello there -- Pat's class was great, wasn't it? Glad to see you here. Explore a little here and have fun. Take a look at the lyric boards and the MP3 board, you just might find a collaborator.

Dan: Looks like you know what you want to do! Have you ever looked into They have a lot of TV/Movie listings that you pitch to. The only caveat is that you have to be able to produce high quality work in order to compete with all the other members (and non-members who are chasing the same thing). But it sounds like something you might want to go check out. They have forums there where folks post there recordings -- you will be able to see where the "bar" is for competing.

"Good science comes in peer reviewed journals. Conspiracy theories come in YouTube videos. "
Kevin @ bandcamp: Crows Say Vee-Eh (and Kevin @50/90 2019)