Hello JPF Community,

My name is Mike Baluja (Ba-loo-ha). I'm a 55 year old songwriter from Tampa, FL. I've been an inactive member of JPF for about 10 years now, but I've always enjoyed reading the newsletters when I could. I figured that now's as good a time as any to start building a few new relationships with those who share my passion for music. I hope to learn a few things here and to gain some inspiration and insight from listening to the words and sounds of others. If any of you would like to get a taste of what I do, feel free to google me by my last name. I'm all over the web...youtube, soundcloud, facebook, reverbnation, etc. Some of my material is recorded with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, while other recordings include a fuller production of computer generated music (loops, beats, and samples). My writing is pretty staight forward...lyrics and themes are based on love, life, loss, and other personal experiences and observations. More recently, I've written some topical songs, along with some songs about the city of Tampa and the people and places that are near and dear to me.