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Welcome to JPF. The reality of the music world today is that there are over a million people of all talent levels pursuing some type of success, including having their songs recorded by someone with the potential of making them popular/successful and of those 100's of thousands dedicate some or all of their time trying to make it. I'd guess there's at least 200,000 full time writers spending 100% of their time looking to get their song recorded and that includes thousands who have had one or more hits in their life already. That's who you are competing with. In addition, any success is mostly the result of who you know, who knows you, and a sense that you're paying your dues. I'd suggest (and just being honest here) that you NEVER introduce yourself as you have above to any other people you come across because you'll instantly discount yourself, and for the most part destroy any interest anyone would have in working with you. That is simply the hard truth. You might still be able to find amateurs or hobbyists to work with, but I wouldn't expect many people with any real drive to find commercial success to have interest in working with anyone who isn't equally dedicated to working hard and long to find success. Songwriters don't simply write songs and hand them off to people to do all the work no matter how good they are. Writing is the fun part, not the work part. And no one will be remotely as interested in your songs as you are and if you're not able to put the time in on you creations, it's highly unlikely anyone else will be either.

That said, we welcome all types of people who like to make music, from amateurs and hobbyists to Grammy winners, #1 writers and artists and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members. We have them all so my words above are not meant to scare you off, but rather give you a reality check so you can proceed with the facts.

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