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Hi everyone, my name is Joe or Bluecat on here. I have been a songwriter/singer/guitarist (I play just enough guitar to get by) for a few years now. I came upon this site why I was looking for recommendations on songwriting courses. I am older and feel like I don't have a lot of time to waste trying to learn things on my own so have I spent some money and time on courses/bootcamps but am always looking for other sources to learn from.
I had hoped that as I learned more that my joy in music would increase but unfortunately it has now started to feel like another job, with nonstop things to learn as I don't feel my songs are good enough. I am hoping there are others here who have dealt with that and may be able to provide some guidance.

Thanks for letting become a part of the community, I am looking forward to getting involved and sharing some of the things I have learned along my path.

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HI Joe,

Welcome to JPF. I am curious what "courses" you paid for? Did they help you? What are your goals? I think we can likely help you and it is all free!

Jump in on the boards and post some songs if you'd like to get feedback.


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