Hello all
I'm new to the site but excited to learn all I can from more experienced writers. I've only been writing for a couple of years and I truly love finding out that I have a talent, however small, for writing songs. I've had the rare experience of judging, teaching and performing dance internationally, so experience with musical phrasing, lyrical interpretation, etc. has been part of my life for more than 30 years. That experience has given me the confidence I needed to put my foot in the water of songwriting. I'm loving the friendships I've made and the excitement of learning new things. I'm glad to have this site to look to for guidance and plan to use it regularly. I welcome new friends and the offer of help from more experienced writers than myself. I do have one problem, I am not a singer, nor do I play an instrument, which leaves me completely out of any contests were performing is required, no matter how good the song might be. It seems to me there must be thousands of other writers who are in the same boat. So what do you recommend as an avenue for writers like me. I have someone who does sing and someone who makes a working demo with music for me, but I still have the same problem. Hope you will have some suggestions to help with this problem. Thanks again for this really great site.
God Bless
Southern Lady