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Hello everyone!

Or I should say, hello again!

I had an older account here a LONG time ago (ok, maybe more like 10 years ago! :P) but I stopped using it because I had a lot going on and also, I do music under my real name now (I was under a pseudonym before)

Basically, I'm Cecilee and I'm a singer/songwriter from the East Coast. I play piano, a little bit of guitar, and I also sing. I would consider my music to be alternative piano pop. If you like the alternative singer/songwriters like Charlotte Martin, Christine and the Queens, or even Kate Bush, my stuff is up your alley! smile

I also perform regularly on Twitch! On Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons, I'm live on my channel playing my own music as well as various cover songs! You can check that out here!

Good to be back here! I've missed coming here and nice to be here as myself! smile

Hi cecilee, that's really good to know that you came to the forum again. I am a fan of good music! Do share your work with us.