Hi Brent and Brian,

Welcome to JPF's Message Board. Many of us are probably older than you Brian, so we welcome another grizzled veteran being involved. Normally we would have done another awards around 2013, but due to some health issues, we had to forgo that cycle and here we are. I know it may seem odd to have 4 or 5 year old albums in a music awards, but our view is that music isn't milk, it doesn't expire, and all we care about is bringing recognition to great music that otherwise might not get the attention it deserves. We have no agenda and the only reason most other music awards are yearly is commerce. It is all about selling widgets and the market demands new ones to sell so corporations can profit as well as TV networks etc. Contest, on the other hand thrive off entry fees and so turning over each year (or each month in the case of some) just brings in more entry fees, often from the same collective of writers who enter them. We are very different. We're free, volunteer run by people who love music and we do this as a labor of love. Our only judging criteria is, in my view, the only thing that matters when it comes to music. Does it move you? We ask that question and compile the answers round after round, judge after judge leading us to nominations (with a few confidential aspects tossed in, we screen more music than any other awards in history, and only compete with ourselves for the largest in the world).

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