Thanks for the advice Brian.
Usually when I've visited in the past it's been meeting with a few locals I have met and mostly organizational folks. But just exploring and doing normal everyday stuff hasn't been on the 'to do' list.
I think next visit I won't be doing the usual. But rather seeing how I would do without anyone 'holding my hand'. That's 'great' advice.
Fortunately for me my wife is on board with moving there, she's the instigator here. I've always told my kids if there is something 'special' that you won't to do, you may need to go where it's done. My wife turned the table on me about 16 months ago and shortly thereafter we started planning.
I work from home in healthcare and can take my job where ever I go....another plus.
Thanks for the advice....looking forward to being involved with JPF!
Peace and Love,

John Gaudet