Hi Kids!

I'm Brian, from Gainesville Florida. I'm in a punk rock and roll band called Crash Pad, in our 21st year. I also play in a couple (what for me are) side bands, one that plays traditional Irish music, called O'Reilly & Co., and one that is a loose collective (fluid membership) doing performance art/experimental music/humor, called the Bill Perry Orchestra. For the last seven years, I've also written a live music column for a local bimonthly magazine called Our Town (and have previously written about music for other local magazines, and the regional publication Ink 19, which is now a website).

I found out about this site/group because the producer of Crash Pad's 2012 album, unbeknownst to me (ha ha!) entered the album and one of the songs from it into the 2017 GPF Awards, and so we got a couple nominations. What a cool surprise!

Take care, and thanks for promoting music, musicians, and music scenes! Big ups to to everyone.

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