Hello JPF!!

I have this undying urge to write songs and perform. At least write! My last endeavor ended up with me losing friends because of our band broke up due to artistic differences, feelings got hurt and drama ensued. I have lost 2 friends I'd known for 10 years because of this. So I kinda stayed away from this and focused on other things. But I ain't gettin' any younger and it really doesn't make sense to stay away from what I love, I just won't start a band (with or without friends)! ha.

When I hear tunes on the radio, words automatically come to me. Or certain phrases or ideas come to mind and I write from there. So today, I was thinking, maybe I can find music that I like that need lyrics... and I found this site, which I liked the most. Maybe someone can guide me? Is what I have in mind crazy? I am not really sure how this thing works. I wanna be Savvy!


I love SRV and PJ Harvey fo' life!