Hi Folks,

Been poking around here just a bit already and am thinking I could give & take much at this site. Definitely full of bright ideas for others people's music, since that requires no effort whatsoever on my part... Have heard some good tunes. Like the idea that we don't have to just be blowing smoke up anybody, but remain respectful.
I've been recording at home for a couple eons by now and feel like I've made some progress, doing originals and reinventing other people's stuff.
Play guitar, bass & piano in a few church bands, leading at one church 2 or 3 times a month.
Online musicianing can be fun though... here's an example I did with a dude from Texas, me in Michigan.
Hoping we can get on Hee Haw with this, or is it too edgy?

Mr Troll's Cold Gray Sky