Howdy Ya'll,

My name is Adam Lambert. I am not the famous guy from American Idol. I am the older, uglier, countrified, redneck, married, songwriting guy named Adam Lambert. Due to the name conflict, I go by A.L.Lambert. After walking away from the music scene (but not music) nearly two decades ago in search of a more stable life (which I found), I have finally reached the point where Iíve got a the time and the inclination to share my music outside of my friends and family again. Iím not exactly looking to start a career as a performing musician again, but I am doing some local shows now and then in north Idaho/west Washington, and doing the Facebook/ReverbNation/etc thing. I'd also be open to the idea of co-writing and/or otherwise having someone else (hopefully with better performing skills than mine) recording/performing some of my stuff.

Anyhoo, that's where I'm coming from, music-wise.


"I've seen a lot of places / and been a lot of things" - A.L.Lambert.