I see I'm not the only prodigal returning!!! smile

Y'all, I can't believe it's been TEN YEARS since I logged in. Okay... I can. A LOT happened and began a whirlwind in my life in 2010.
So much has changed!

My name (Bree has always been a nickname, Bridgette is my given name. I've gone back to that and my maiden name ~ O'Hare)
My marital status (hence the last name change).
My location.
My occupation.
My attitude...well, just a little. I'm still a snarky firecracker. wink

I can't wait to see who's still here encouraging and offering awesome advice!

Looking forward to reconnecting and maybe even writing a lyric or two. smile

The ideal poet has a genius for making the things we see every day seem new. ~ Samuel Johnson

I write because I breathe, I breathe because I write. ~ Me