Hello Everyone!

My name is David Stuckey, from way down south in Cajun Country, Maurice Louisiana. Ive been on here a few times, but only to find songs for a project I am doing for a friend. Found some great songs, and am in the process of getting back with all those who submitted songs to work out the mechanical details. Love the site, especially since I couldnt write lyrics to "save my life." I have a fairly well outfitted home/semi professional studio, and I mainly do work for singers with no bands. I love to put other peoples thoughts to music. I do record full bands also, but its just not as fun as the composition is. I do a lot of stuff for free, trying to help out up and coming singers. To date I have done 4 full length CD's for free, and a lot of singles and demos. I'd love to one day make a living at this, but I have a hard time with the business side of things. So, if any of you need some tracks done, give me a hollar. Would love to start collaborating with you guys on some killer songs. Well, Ive rambled on enough, Good Day!!