Hi Stephen,

Welcome to JPF. I'd suggest a couple things to help your success here:

1. Consider using your real name instead of the anonymous looking display name you have so folks can learn about you.

2. In addition to wanting to get feedback, make sure you give some as well. The more you give, the more you'll get.

3. Once you decide to post music for feedback, be sure to direct link to a specific song rather than sending people to a site to search. Make it easy for others to help you.

4. If you have a site to promote, make sure to give all the info upfront in writing on this site rather than forcing folks to go elsewhere to find it. You'll get much more positive feedback and build trust. Also be sure to include any charges or fees or user agreements people must sign to use your site so everyone can help vette the site for their peers. That info should always be out front. Also be sure to clearly describe what your site does and why that is something our folks should be interested in. Sadly few companies do that and when they don't, they rarely create much positive feedback and more often end up with negative publicity.

All these things are optional of course, but I've been doing this a while and have a good idea of what works well and what doesn't.

Welcome to the community,


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