I have done exactly that Brian - Had two young rappers come to me and although the songs were good they had no show experience - I told them to go out for a year or two and do any live gig anyplace and don't worry about money - learn how to sell yourself to an audience - then come back to me.

Don't know how it worked out for them - I could see AC was about to die and sold my biz and was one of the first to desert a sinking ship.

One of the sad parts about entertainment today is that the small clubs where the old folk played and the young folk learned their craft have all but died. Till the Beatles got to play all the time in a small club they basically sucked. Springsteen when he was playing local dances sucked - it was the house band gig at the stone pony that turned him from boring to an entertainer.... those places where a young person could look and learn how an old timer could play an audience for the most part all gone.

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